Battle of the Exes Through Song

battle of the exes

Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty

There's been a lot of celeb breakups lately and I always find it interesting when artists who have recently split get "back" at each other through their song lyrics.


For instance, the Jonas Brothers' song "Paranoid" is supposedly a rebuttal against Joe Jonas's ex, Taylor Swift's, song "Forever & Always."

And remember Britney Spears's and Justin Timberlake's lyric battle? Wonder if Jessica Simpson is gonna diss Tony Romo in her next album?

I get that they use their real-life relationships for inspiration, but man, I'd hate to turn on the radio and know that the song playing is about me!

Do you think all's fair in love and war? That it's perfectly acceptable to blast your, sometimes super bitter, breakup feelings for all the world to hear?

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