Anonymous Celebrity Couple Blog

Anonymous Celebrity Couple BlogA celeb couple has started a blog called Anonymous Celebrity Couple Blog, venting about their lives while revealing clues about who they are.


They simply refer to themselves as "Celebrity Girl" and "Celebrity Guy." Here are some clues that k_salas87 posted in the "Anonymous Celebrity Couple, Who Are They?" group:

  • They are not married, but they do not mind talking about their sex lives.
  • The girl has a son and a daughter that are young.
  • She was previously married to an abusive man.
  • She is working on some kind of project that is taking a long time to come together.
  • He is a musician, he curses a lot.
  • He lives on the beach.

Lots of moms around CafeMom have ideas who they think the couple is:

myfoursonsks: I haven't really read much of it, but I am thinking Demi and Ashton.  I could totally see her being controlled in her previous relationship.

leeloo309: It's Denise Richards, she just changed one of the kids to a boy for the blog so no one would catch on, I betcha. It has to be because Charlie Sheen is the biggest douchebag there is and in her tweets I believe she said he had a visit with the kids.

Rynestonefreak: Brooke Burke and David Charvet. She has four kids, two are his, they aren't married. And she has a mommy blog (Celeb Girl mentions something about a mommy blog) and the Celeb Girl's writing is a lot like Brooke's on her mommy blog.

Who do you think this anonymous couple is or do you think it's just a hoax?



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