Lost Final Season Teasers Revealed

Lost teaser

Photo from ABC/Lost

With it's sixth and final season on the horizon, there's no doubt that Lost fans are looking forward to having all of their questions answered.


Lost executive producers revealed a few teasers at a convention in San Diego this past weekend.

They said if the season had a theme, it would be "things coming full-circle."

"[In the first season, the characters] were running around the jungle, things felt intense and surprising," the Hollywood Reporter quotes one of the execs saying, "We have a way that we're going to be able to do that in the final season, too."

Another said, "There's a good chance you'll be seeing many characters you haven't seen since the first season," as well as characters that are decidedly, and presumably, dead.

They also mentioned that time-travel and flashbacks/forwards are over and they're going to do something different to tell the final18-hours of the story.

I'm getting excited just thinking about it! Do these teasers help you in figuring out the ending or do they just confuse you more?


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