Octomom Signs Reality TV Show Deal!

octomom reality tv showSo over Jon and Kate? Not to worry, a sure-to-be-juicy show about a mom and a bunch of cute kids will soon be coming to a television set near you. Nadya Suleman, the Octomom, has signed agreements for each of her fourteen kids to appear in a reality T.V. Show. So how much will they earn?


Each child will earn $250 a day—and the contracts guarantee that together they'll earn a total of about $250,000 over three years. The contract also says that 15 percent of the money will go into a trust account for the kids (as required by law), which they can't access until they are 18.

The show is scheduled to begin filming on September 1.

Suleman still has to go to a hearing to face labor abuse charges for letting RadarOnline tape the octuplets without required state permits.

Will you watch the Octomom's show? Would you let your kids be in a reality television show?

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