New Orphan Film Causes Controversy

Orphan, the new horror film that hit theaters today about a psychotic murderous child that gets adopted, has raised some controversy.


Adoption organizations are proclaiming that the movie might cause people who are planning on adopting to opt not to out of fear that the child they adopt will be like the crazed fictional character in the movie.

They have even called for a boycott of the film and sent a protest letter to Warner Bros. with signatures from three senators and three members of Congress.

I can understand the concern...the public has a tendency to make the assumption that older adopted children are "damaged," which is a completely ridiculous accusation and movies like this just seem to encourage that way of thinking.

But on the other hand, it is just a movie.

What do you think? Do the adoption agencies have a point or are they taking it a bit too far? Will you see this movie? .

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