Why T.R. Knight Left Grey's Anatomy

why tr knight left grey's anatomy

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty

Grey's Anatomy fans, have you been hoping that  George O'Malley might return to the show in flashbacks or a guest appearance?


In a new interview, T.R. Knight talks about why that isn't going to happen, and reveals why he left the hit show...


The actor says a "breakdown in communication" with executive producer Shonda Rimes led to him to ask to be let out of his $14 million contract three years early.

Specifically, he cites his character's noticeable lack of screen time—only 48 minutes in the first nine episodes of Season Five—as the main reason for his departure. He also was unhappy with the evolution of George's character, particularly the fact that he slept with his best friend, Izzie (played by Katherine Heigl) while he was married to Sara Ramirez’s character, Callie.

According to the article, Knight's problems with Rimes began after the infamous Isaiah Washington-Patrick Dempsey-anti gay slur incident. Knight was frustrated that it took Rimes three months to publicly condemn Washington, and that she was against Knight outing himself after the incident.

Wow, what a mess!

Will you still watch Grey's Anatomy without George O'Malley?


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