Fall Movie: Jennifer's Body

Are you going to see Jennifer's Body, the cheerleader vampire movie due out in September? Or are you too scared?


Just read about this new movie Jennifer's Body over on BUST. It's written by the wildly witty and smart Diablo Cody, of Juno fame. Love her. Also love Amanda Seyfried, of Big Love and Mamma Mia!, who stars in the film alongside Megan Fox of Transformers.

The preview looks like a bunch of gnarly girl power scariness, huh? Wow! Yikes!

But I have to agree with the Devan's post at BUST who knocks the preview for its "as usual" sexualized boy-teasing appeal. I mean who are they trying to get into the theaters on this film, which is supposed to "deliver honest, darkly ironic views on female rage, jealousy, and confusion"?

Oh right, boys, I guess.

In her post about the movie trailer, Devan says, "every time I see this kind of trailer, for a movie I actually want to see, I think: why not me? why does not one single marketing mastermind successfully target me and girls like me?"

I often wonder the same thing. About the entire universe. And why they don't target real moms either. Don't they know how powerful we are?

So what do you think about Jennifer's Body: must see or no go?

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