NYC Prep: Do You Watch It?

NYC Prep

Photo from Bravo

NYC Prep is basically the real-life version of Gossip Girls.

The show, which airs on Bravo, follows a handful of New York's high school elite as they club hop and use their parents' no-limit credit cards.
I can't help but wonder, if the children's lifestyles are like this...what are the parents like? Parent Dish answered my question by interviewing Jeff Oppenheim, father of Sebastian (the heartthrob of the group).
Oppenheim's response to how the show has affected their daily life? "Although the producers were very respectful of our son's academic life and extracurricular life, the demands of production were an added item on all of our schedules. But my wife and I were pleased at how our son treated this responsibility as he would a job or an internship and rose to the occasion. Now, everything is back to life as usual, which still means we're all juggling an active schedule."
Glad to know their life is back to "normal." Be sure to check out the rest of the NYC Prep interview on Parent Dish.
Do you watch this show? What do you think of the kids having this type of extravagant lifestyle?

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