Jon Gosselin Steps Out With New Girlfriend

Jon has a new girlfriend

Photo from TLC

It's only been a few weeks since Jon and Kate of Jon & Kate Plus 8 announced their decision to split, but Jon's already walking hand-in-hand with a new woman. Hailey Glassman, daughter of the plastic surgeon who performed Kate's tummy tuck in '06, spent the weekend with Jon while he was in St. Tropez to discuss plans for his upcoming kids' clothing line deal.


A source tells People magazine, “They couldn’t take their eyes off each other. They looked so happy to just be together.”

Hmm, wonder what Kate thinks about this. Jon seems happy in the pictures, but it's kind of sad that he's clearly already involved with someone else (and he wasn't cheating, huh?).

What do you think? Is it good that he's happy or do you think it's too soon?

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