Will You See Bruno?

bruno sacha baron cohen

Photo from the Bruno Movie

I think Sacha Baron Cohen is funny. I used to watch his HBO television show and thought the characters Borat, Bruno, and Ali G. were entertaining. But when the movie Borat came out, I wasn't really interested in seeing it.


The trailers looked kind of dumb, and it seemed like a movie I normally wouldn't be interested in. But the reviews were great and everyone loved it. It was even nominated for an Academy Award. I did end up renting it and I thought it was okay—nothing special.

Cohen's new movie Bruno came out yesterday. In this one, his character is a flamboyant fashionista from Austria. The reviews so far have not been as good as they were for Borat.

Cohen says he's trying to bring awareness to certain issues (racism, gay rights, etc.) by playing these characters. I sometimes think he just ends up hurting a lot of people's feelings in the process and he isn't bringing awareness to anyone. It's not like his movies are going to turn on a light bulb for those people who need it—they're just likely to agree with the "false" message and think it's funny.


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