Backstreet Boys Are Back

Backstreet Boys

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I may not be a teen anymore but my 13-year-old self is absolutely giddy over this news!


Backstreet Boys are set to release their 7th album titled This Is Us in October and the first single from it, Soldier Down, will be out later this month!

I'm so excited! Granted, their last album, Unbreakable, didn't stay too hot on the charts, I have a feeling this one is going to be really good! Starestrada writes in the CafeMom Hollywood group, "I am probably one of the few woman on here who will watch and wait for this album! I loved them at 16 and love them still at 27! Backstreet *Swoon* Love 'em!"

Are you a BSB fan? Do you think you'll get the album?

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