Parenthood: New TV Show I Want to See

parenthood tv show

Photo from NBC/Parenthood

Did you watch Six Feet Under? On that show, I loved Nate played by Peter Krause. He went on to be in Dirty Sexy Money and now he's on a new show called Parenthood on NBC with Dax Shepard, Maura Tierney, Craig T. Nelson a bunch of others. Now that's a cool cast!

I just learned that this is the second go at this show based on the movie, Parenthood, directed by Ron Howard back in 1989 -- the one with Steve Martin in it. There was a TV show born from that film, but it didn't do well and only ran 12 episodes in 1991. That TV show starred David Arquette, Thora Birch, and Leonardo DiCaprio!


This makes me even more excited about the show that focuses on a crazy extended family. Hmm...sounds like mi familia!

Parenthood is set to air September 23rd.

Have you seen promos for the show? Will you be watching?

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