My Love Affair With Rescue Me

Rescue Me, Denis Leary, Tommy Gavin

Photo from FX

I'm currently totally obsessed with Rescue Me, the ongoing FX television series about the post-September-11th life of Tommy Gavin, an FDNY firefighter, played by Denis Leary.

Although I was originally scared off by the "manliness" of this show, now I fiend to watch every hour!


I regularly get obsessed with TV series. I've completed Arrested Development, Six Feet Under, Sex and the City, and The Sopranos. I don't have Showtime or HBO or a DVR though, so I'm at the mercy of Netflix and Hulu and waiting for DVD releases, slow as they may be (so don't spoil it for me here; I'm only mid-Season 4 of Rescue Me).

I'm also currently waiting on the next DVD releases for Entourage, Dexter, Big Love, The L Word, and Weeds so I can get up to speed on these series.

See? I told you I was obsessive. The kids go to bed and in goes the next episode and then I keep clicking "next" until my tired eyeballs are practically falling out. On weekends, there have been the "dark days" where I don't get out of bed all day. I just keep hitting "next." I can't stop. Don't ask the husband. It's a sensitive subject.

And then came Rescue Me. I admit, at first, I had no desire to ever watch this show. I thought it was a bunch of closed-minded machismo that I didn't really want to waste the hours on (says a woman who couldn't get enough of Tony Soprano...haha!). And then I heard Denis Leary's interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air, and everything changed.

Once I found out the writers of Rescue Me were actually intimately and deliberately looking at the male ego, and even more so the male firefighter ego, I suddenly wanted to watch it (that's right, all I need is some kind of perceived intellectual bone...toss it to me).

The show, in simplistic terms, is a study of sorts into maleness, and that's compelling to me. I mean, hello, I'm raising two of them... What makes these guys tick? How much of what they do and say is a way of coping or not coping? What's all the sex about? What the real motivation behind the insane actions of danger junkie men like Tommy Gavin? And so much more!

Yep, it wasn't long before my escapist TV series addiction took over once again. Here I go, missing the characters between viewings (I'm still not completely over missing my "friends" from Six Feet Under — although Dexter helped with my C. Michael Hall withdrawals).

Now I long to be in that NY firehouse break room with the guys, eating giant plates of carbs, making distasteful jokes, and stuffing my emotions. Oh, to be there! I wonder what Tommy's doing right now? Oh, Lou, I love that guy. I want to play some joke on Sean and Mike with Franco. Is that so wrong?

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