So You Think You Can Dance

so you think you can dance

Photo from FOX/So You Think You Can Dance

Darn reality and contest shows -- I just can't get enough. My latest obsession is FOX's So You Think You Can Dance. Though I wish it wasn't two hours long.

Watching them dance takes me back to when I was around 11 years old learning every move to the Thriller video (RIP Michael Jackson). I sooo wanted to be a professional dancer. My mom thought it would be a hard life and suggested I become a teacher instead. I did neither -- though came close to the latter. And I never stopped dancing.


Granted, I'm not very good. Any professional lessons stopped in high school. Though I still remember my shuffle ball change.

But when I watch So You Think You Can Dance, I get all excited, am dancing along in my head (when I'm really just loafing on the couch).

And...Katie Holmes is going to dance on the show on July 23rd!

Do you watch the show? Does it inspire you to dance?

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