TV Guide's Celebrity Look-a-Like Contest

celeb lookalike


CafeMom MommaBunch84 submitted her little sister Stephanie's photo in TV Guide's Celebrity Look-a-Like Contest. And she ended up being a finalist!!! Take a wild guess of who she's supposed to look like.


That's right, the phenomenally gorgeous Angelina Jolie, and, I have to say, she really does look a LOT like her!

Stephanie is a mother of 3-year-old Andie Lynn & 2-month-old Liam Tyler, so be sure to go to TV Guide's website and vote for the fellow mom. If she wins, she'll get to be transformed into Angelina Jolie in an upcoming episode of Look-A-Like on TV Guide Network.

Good luck Stephanie!

Does any of your friends or family resemble a celebrity?

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