Team Jon, Team Kate Shirts

Sigh. It's come to this now. Team Jon and Team Kate t-shirts, baseball caps, and sweatshirts are among the latest entre into the celebrity merchandise scene. That plus all the Michael Jackson memorial shirts, of course.

But do you think it's safe to go out wearing a J&K Team shirt right now?


I'm not sure I get the point. I think it's a cute concept when you play it on something like Twilight with Team Edward or Team Jacob; it's a fun way to tell the world who your favorite hottie is.

Certainly you can side more with Kate or more with Jon. But neither one will actually win in this whole mess, least of all the children. Which Is why the only J&K t-shirt I would be caught dead in is:

Would you wear one of these Ts in public? How do you account for the popularity of these types of products?

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