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I'm still too busy with my little kids to have the problem of picking up a book at the library and forgetting that I already read it. I don't get to read as often as I like, so I can definitely remember the two or three books I go through each month.

But to prepare for the time when my kids become more interested in their friends and sports than me (boo-hoo), I just set up accounts with two cool book tracking sites recommended by my friends in The Book Club.

One is

The other is


They have different looks and functions, but are basically the same animal. Half resource, half book club. You can add books you've read to a library, review and rate them, find books you might be interested in, connect with friends to see what they are reading and recommend, and basically just chat about books.

I registered for both because some of my friends might use one and not the other, so this way I'm covered. There's also book club apps on some of the other social networking sites, like weRead and Visual Bookshelf, a book discussion blog, but I don't use those yet.

A lot of ladies in The Book Club prefer to do it the old-fashioned way -- they keep a pen and paper journal of all the books they've read. Of course, it's a lot harder to share with others that way. But The Book Club has a discussion, book of the month, swap, and recommendation section right in the group, so in a way, there's no need to go anywhere else ... :)

Do you enjoy sharing the titles of books you've read with friends and acquaintances on social networking sites, or do you prefer to keep that information private?

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