Poll: What's Your Favorite Michael Jackson Song?

Michael Jackson

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I noticed on iTunes, the top ten lists for songs and albums are being dominated by Michael Jackson.

I always wondered why celebs' movies and music shot up in popularity posthumously. It's not like the songs or movies are any better now that they're no longer with us. Perhaps it's just a way of memoralizing them?

For me personally, I already had a ton of MJ's stuff on my iPod, so no need to download more.


What's your favorite Michael Jackson song?

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Have you downloaded Michael Jackson tunes since his passing?

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luigi... luigispach

I liked the song Ben

apple... applepie59

MY favorite is THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL,HE is so darn cute in the video,and the song says it all, my heart would just ach when I would hear it, I wanted to be the girl in the video, only I would never walk away from him. On the other hand, I love all of his songs.listening to tunes

josie... josie_mommyof2

I adore Thriller!!!! Over the weekend, MTV and VH1 played many many many Michael Jackson songs....Tribute things. I finally got to entroduce my kids to the old MJ songs and the awesome videos.  My dd officially KNOWS how to do the Thriller dance!!! It's awesome!!! My 3 ds, tries his heart out to copy her and him, but, no there yet. lol Dd, however, she's got it down!!!! Takes me back to when I was her age, doing the Thriller dance!!!

Deb194 Deb194

Black or white.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

momof... momofsaee

rock with you......video was lame but I loved his songs. Im really sad about his death. Probably the most sad ive been over any celeb.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Thriller and Billie Jean are fantastic.
Honestly, my FAVORITE songs of his, though, are from the Jackson 5.

nonmember avatar sherbeara

Wanna Be Starting Something, although ALL of his songs made me dance

zassy... zassymama2

MTV was playing thriller, and my 8 and 19 month old were getting down with me. Trying to do all the moves. . . My 8 year old already knows the words and says it is his favorite song. Some people were wondering, why all the buzz about MJ. It is right there. My kids were into it like if that song had just come out and Barney was singing it.

OneMo... OneMoreAngel

Human Nature...definitely.

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