Is Michael's Dad Joe Jackson a Self-Serving Jerk?

Joe Jackson, jerk, Michael Jackson's dad

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty

Over in the CafeMom Hollywood group, moms are mostly expressing distaste for Michael Jackson's dad Joe Jackson in the thread MJ's Dad Makes Me Sick.


I missed the BET Awards red carpet at which Joe Jackson, according to Jezebel, answered CNN's Don Lemon's questions about the death of his son Michael with "abrupt, detached answers, passed the mic to his spokesperson and attorney, and then promoted his record company."


Since then, however, Daddy Jackson has denied the record company plug, but, via AFP, "a transcript of the CNN interview clearly shows Jackson volunteering the information about the company." Wowzers.

This is just more unsavory news about the man who is said to have abused Michael and his siblings. Michael was very open about his father's physically and emotionally humiliating disciplinary tactics.

And this could be one of the people who end up, along with his wife Katherine, with custody of Michael Jackson's three children.

What do you think of Joe Jackson's behavior since Michael's death?

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