Is The Bachelorette Going to Get Rid of Wes?

The Bachelorette Jillian Harris

Photo from ABC

I wanted to scream at the TV last week whenever Wes was talking about how he got his six shows in, got to sing his song, and how good The Bachelorette is for his music career. Why can't the host, Chris, tell Jillian what is going on in front of the cameras, but not in front of her face?


I guess we will see how this pans out tonight -- though maybe Wes will continue to smooth talk (and sing) to Jill. It's hometown dates -- and from the previews, we saw Wes performing for her in Austin with his band. Grrr! Makes me so mad!

And, of course, drama ensues. Jake, the sexy Mr. Perfect pilot who Jillian let go last week, returns to confront Wes and tell the bachelorette the truth about him. Whoa!

About time someone mans up.

What do you think is going to happen? Will Wes finally get dumped or is she under his spell?

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