America's Next Top Model Recap!

Spoiler alert!  Read on if you want to know the true scoop on ANTM!


Elina and Sheena showdown! Sheena might think she’s all bad, but I think Elina totally had the edge. But poor Joslyn…she seems so sweet, but that commercial was way overacted. Question though: Why did they have to show her pucking? Gross! I was eating dinner while watching. Well…that’s one way to be skinny like a model.

Bye Joslyn. Back to Lucky, Louisiana, you go. And now the remaining girls are going to Amsterdam! How hilarious was the bit where Paulina had the braids and Tyra kept saying “Amsterdam! Holland!” Cooky, crazy, but this show is totally addicting. I think Sheena’s going home next. Too much focus on her lately.

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