Transformers 2 Reviews Are In!

Movie critics are weighing in about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and I'm laughing at all the different ways they say the exact same thing: That the Transformers sequel is "big," "loud," and completely "mindless."

But isn't that exactly what a summer movie should be?


Here are some of the funnier reviews I've read so far:

From Rotten Tomatoes: "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a noisy, underplotted, and overlong special effects extravaganza that lacks a human touch."

From The Hollywood Reporter: “Shia LaBeouf gets little chance to show what charm he might have. Meanwhile, Megan Fox has little to do except look great in a tank top and tight jeans while running in slow motion through flying sand.”

From The Chicago Sun-Times: “If you want to save yourself the ticket price, go into the kitchen, cue up a male choir singing the music of hell, and get a kid to start banging pots and pans together. Then close your eyes and use your imagination."

Have you seen Transformers 2? Will you be seeing it?

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