Is Your Child Addicted to Video Games?

Video games are addicting (ahem, Latte Land anyone?) and I'm willing to bet you've had to bargain with "just one more game" before chores or bedtime with the kiddos.  


But, as dlb99 posted in The Beach Bums group (must be a member), as long as the kids can clearly seperate fantasy from reality, then it's fine for them to play. She also says that it helps children with ADD/ADHD if allowed to play for short periods of time.  

mommyredrose23 agrees, "Everything in moderation. I have no problem wtih my son playing video games, but there's a limit. He knows fantasy/fiction from reality. I also keep him reminded of this regularly so it's fresh in his mind. his grades do not suffer because he does his schoolwork and studies. Education comes first."

Are you or your kids addicted to video games? Which games are played the most in your household?

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