Jon and Kate Divorce Announcement

It was heartbreaking to watch Jon and Kate of Jon & Kate Plus 8 announce that they are filing for divorce. How are CafeMoms reacting to the sad news?


Most moms said they were very sad about the split. Some even thought Jon and Kate should have worked it out for the kids' sake:

Larashomebiz: They should have gotten family counseling and included the children as well. They have enough money that they could have afforded the best counseling available. This is just so sad for the kids.

Many agreed that Jon didn't seem upset by the decision, especially when he said that he was "hurt but excited":

Kestrel1: I wasn't surprised, and what I saw made me say, yup, he's definitely moved on to a new relationship. He's no longer invested. He's already taken that step back to the degree of being careful how much interest he shows in the old relationship. He's already treating the marriage as if it's over...

Marhia: He was too darn happy to be separated, talking about he is going to enjoy this new chapter—that is not something you say. You could tell that Kate had real genuine feelings and did not want the divorce. I was darn near in tears.

S.T.E.P.H.: ...We don't know the whole story behind their split, we don't actually know what went down, so I don't feel like we can put the blame on either one of them. Like Jon said, this is so fresh, and maybe he hasn't fully processed it yet, maybe his emotions haven't hit him yet...

Finally, some moms were confused about the "house arrangement"—that the kids will stay in the house and Jon and Kate will alternate visiting them at the house.

kriss1023: ...What happens if they do finalize a divorce and then one/both of them get remarried? I don't really see the new spouse being game for the packing up every other week and basically moving. How does that work?

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What did you think about the announcement? Will you continue to watch the show if Jon and Kate get a divorce?

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