Melissa Gilbert: On Child Stardom, Losing Rob Lowe's Baby, & Alcoholism

Melissa Gilbert, Praire Tales, memoir

Photo from Melissa Gilbert

Little House on the Prairie child star Melissa Gilbert's new memoir Prairie Tale has just been released, and boy, does she have a lot of not-so-prairie secrets to share.


Let me just say I loooooooved Little House on the Prairie when it was on TV. To this day, for most trying life situations, I can apply a lesson learned from an episode of the show.

And I'm also thrilled to see that Little House on the Prairie: The Musical, in which Melissa Gilbert plays Ma is coming to my city soon.

All this said, I'm very excited to read Melissa Gilbert's new book Prairie Tale, in which she chronicles her life — from her adoption as a baby into a show biz family and child stardom to substance abuse and dysfunctional relationships (yes, one being with the babe-a-liscious Rob Lowe) and then onto marriage, motherhood, and her more recent struggle with alcoholism and sobriety.

Melissa Gilbert, Prairie Tale, memoir

Photo from Powell's Books

While I loved the idyllic tales from the prairie when I was a child, this book sounds like one I can relate to as an adult, a wife, and a mother (and also as an alcoholic).


Read a great interview with Melissa Gilbert about her book on momlogic.

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