Obama Video Game: Have You Played It?

angry barry video game xbox

Photo from Xbox

Angry Barry, the satirical, politics-themed action game on Xbox Live Community Games has been in the top ten ever since its release. According to one gaming expert, "it puts nearly every other game out there to shame."


You play Angry Barry as a pre-President Barack Obama and fight your way to electoral victory. Not with votes, but with fists.

In the game, "Barry" tackles caricatures of Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Ronald Reagan, and Sarah Palin (a woman in a red jacket who rides a helicopter and wields a sniper rifle).

The game doesn't make any political statemets—it's just supposed to be fun and make people laugh.

If you want to try Angry Barry, visit the Community Games section of Xbox Live's Game Marketplace. Or download it here for $5.

Have you played Angry Barry? What's your favorite game?

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