Kate Speaks Out About Spanking, Duggars Are Expecting: Links I Love

Naomi Watts

Photo by Getty Images/Getty

Celebrity gossip is definitely one of my guilty pleasures, I can't get enough! I know many of you are the same way, so here are some links I love to get your daily dose of who's doing what:


Kate Gosselin released a statement responding to the photographs that were taken of her spanking her five-year-old. — Lil Sugar

Britney and her boys take a break and do some shopping at Hamleys Toy Shop in London. — Celeb Baby

The Duggars are expecting another girl! — People

Jon Gosselin looks awfully guilty when caught smoking what looks to be a hand-rolled cigarette or is it something else? — Radar Online

Liev Shreiber and Naomi Watts take their two sons to Israel on a family trip where they spend the afternoon planting trees. — Celeb Baby

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