CafeMom's Latte Land: Have You Played Yet?

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Latte Land

Just like the coffee you serve while playing, Latte Land can be very addicting. Very, very addicting.


Latte Land is an online game where you are a barista (like a chef, but for coffee!) in the magical world of Latte Land. 

The Basics

As a barista/coffee shop owner, your job is to serve the customers who come into your store and make them happy.  Happy customers will pay you money and give you experience points, which you'll need to advance in the game.

As you serve more customers, you'll get paid different amounts of Java Bucks by different people, and will also get paid differently based on how well you make a coffee or what coffee you make. As you play more, you'll learn what to make when.

Once you've racked up enough Java Bucks, you can buy ingredients, equipment, or recipes.

After you've conquered Macchiato Heights, you can expand to places like Brewers Square, Java Valley, or Mount Mocha!

Have you played this game yet? If so, what's your coffee shop name?


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