Nurse Jackie: I Love Edie Falco

Nurse Jackie

Photo from Showtime

I'm a huge Edie Falco fan. When she played Carmela on The Sopranos -- oh wow -- what a character. And yes, even though my days with cable TV are limited, I did watch the first episode of Nurse Jackie.

I didn't want to like it -- I need to not feel sad about no more Showtime -- but I did.


Is Nurse Jackie a saint, as her intern says, or does she break too many "life rules" to get that credit? There's pills, adultery, stealing from the bad to give to the good, and of course the flushing of the ear down the toilet. There was so much going on in the first episode that I need to know what's next.

Falco is excellent, as always, and I like everything about this dark comedy so far. Want to dish about the show? Check out the new group Nurse Jackie here on CafeMom.

Did you watch Nurse Jackie? What did you think?

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