Jon & Kate Plus American Chopper: Episode Recap

Jon & Kate Plus 8

Photo by TLC/Jon & Kate

This week, Jon & Kate joined forces with the American Chopper crew!

Here's a quick episode recap from redrockswhtsox, group owner of the Jon and Kate Plus 8 Fans group:


The Jon and Kate Plus 8 episode was the usual half hour. But if you watched American Chopper, you got two full hours of footage before the unveiling of a chopper for Jon that he helped build and a tricked out pink scooter for Kate.

Jon's chopper had a ribbon with the the kids birth dates on it. Underneath the ribbon was an eight ball representing the eight kids along with a set of dice, one depicting a two and the other a six. It also had a cascading ribbon with each child's name on it. Kate signed and donated her hot pink paint splashed scooter to Ronald Mc Donald House for auction but not before she took it for a spin making Jr. very nervous.  


  • Jon went on a solo trip to the OCC complex to do "guy things". He marveled at the showroom floor with bikes from past shows, suggesting the 'black widow' bike for Kate. The guys attempted to "man him up," messing with him and having fun." Sr. relentlessly badgered him just for kicks until Jon said "you sound just like my wife."  
  • There were some very entertaining segments of Mikey's interaction with Kate and the kids. He helped with the kids and fit right in with them of course. He brought an art project for them to do and had lots of fun before heading off to the spa with Kate. At the spa, he and Kate both got pedicures.
  • Kate went for a ride with Sr., suprising everyone. None of them were wearing helmets which was fodder for the paparazzi following them during shooting. Kate responded stating that there is no helmet law in PA and they were going very slow.
  • A picnic that was set up for both families on the Gosselin property was interrupted by the dogs. Kate freaked out.
  • In the end, Kate sat lounging with her feet up on the interview couch stating the entire experience was "shockingly, amazingly tons of fun!"

Make sure you tune in next week for the Mother's Day episode. Also, don't forget to test your episode I.Q. with Lil Sugar's Jon & Kate Plus 8 Quiz!

What did you think about this episode? Do you think things have settled down between Jon and Kate?

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