Holly Williams: New Voice for the Williams' Music Legacy

Holly Williams

Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty

With Hank Williams as her grandfather, and Hank Williams, Jr. as her dad, Holly Williams has got quite a bit to live up to.


The country music star tells People magazine, "It's a healthy amount of pressure, enough to keep me working hard, but not enough to make me sleepless."

Holly's second album, Here With Me, was released yesterday, and so far has gotten pretty rave reviews. Born and raised right outside Nashville, I hold Hank Williams Sr.'s music pretty high up on a pedestal, and love my country music, so I'm kind of a hard critic to please, but even I think her music is pretty darn good. The lyrics, which she wrote herself, are extremely well-written, which is more or a less a "family tradition."

What do you think of Holly's music? Do you think she'll live up to her dad and grandfather?

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