I Love Wheel of Fortune: Am I Alone?

wheel of fortune

Photo from Wheel of Fortune

My new favorite thing to do when I get home from work, right after I put on my PJs and wash up, is to watch the tail end of Jeopardy! and then Wheel of Fortune.

I get about two percent of the answers sort of right on Jeopardy!, but darn if I ever got the chance to be on the show with Vanna White and Pat Sajak I think I would have a good chance of winning some money. If I had luck with the wheel, of course.


And let's just note how incredible Vanna looks. She's 52 and looks about 30.

I also find it funny when the contestants on Wheel scream the letters out and protrude their body forward as they do it, as if they were miked up. I don't know why I laugh though -- I probably would do the same thing.

Do you watch game shows on TV? Which one is your favorite?

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