Top Design and Dancing with the Stars Recaps

Top Design and Dancing with the Stars recaps! Spoiler alert!


Dancing with the Stars Recap

It was Toni Braxton versus Susan Lucci for the battle of the bottom this week. Toni had to go and she was pretty upset. Cody Linley did well will be on next week. Cloris Leachman, one of my personal faves, dances like it's 1999... how can you not root for her?  Me thinks Erica Kane/Susan Lucci will go home next week. Just a hunch but she's dancing on some pretty thin ice.

Top Design Recap

Andrea was missing her kids. She's been on the bottom end of a few challenges and is missing her family. Andrea and Ondine had the lowest scores this week. The challenge was about designing a room around a chandelier. Andrea said she wanted to go home, so they sent her home, leaving Ondine to hang on for another day. The numbers are thinning and Ondine is now the only girl.

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