I'm Saying Goodbye to Cable

TV cable

Photo by JayGirlsMom

My hubs and I have been seriously reassessing our finances. We spend way too much on things we shouldn't and with him out of work right now and twins on the way, every last penny matters. 

One huge money suck is cable TV. I think we pay something like $150 a month and we get Showtime, HBO, and every other channel under the sun. But you know how many times I'm channel surfing and find nothing I want to watch? A lot.

And Mr. Cafe MicheleZ mentioned how we should get rid of some excess cable channels and we can save more than half of that. Sounded like a great idea until I realized True Blood has started. No HBO = no Sookie and Bill. Oh no!


My sister has HBO, so we're thinking we can catch up on the vampires when we visit, but it still makes me sad I can't curl up on the couch and watch on Sunday nights.

What does all the fun entertainment stuff need to be so expensive?

Have you had to give up any entertaining things? How am I going to survive without Sookie?

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