Bret Michaels Breaks Nose at Tonys

bret michaels injured at tonys

Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty

Did you see the You Tube clip of Bret Michaels getting hit in the head by a set piece at the Tony Awards on Sunday? Ouch!

This morning reports that Michaels has a fractured nose and a busted lip, but remains in good spirits about the accident—even joking that "Shrek and the donkey" helped him up...


If you hadn't heard, Michaels performed "Nothin' But a Good Time" with Poison during the award show's opening number and was smacked in the head with a descending piece of scenery while exiting ths stage.

Despite his sense of humor about the situation, however, the Rock of Love star may have to cancel his current solo tour because of the injury. I wonder what this means for his tour with Poison, Def Leppard, and Cheap Trick later this summer?

Do you have any plans to see Michaels this summer?

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