Should Celebrities Get to Cut in Line?

should celebrities wait in linesA friend of mine was once standing in line at a popular ice cream stand in L.A. According to his story, along came a certain Australian actress who attempted to walk to the front of the very long line.

The people who had been waiting went crazy—not because there was a real live "A-list" celebrity in their midst, but because they expected her to wait in line just like everyone else.


The actress used the classic line "Don't you know who I am?" Everyone did, but no one cared. They hissed and booed and put up such a stink, the ice cream stand employees told her she had to wait in line.

This happens fairly often in New York City too. I've seen certain stars cut to the front of long lines at popular restaurants even when it was clear they didn't have a reservation.

I'm not sure when our culture decided that celebrities should be treated like royalty. Stores close for their personal shopping pleasure, drinking-age laws are overlooked, and more.

To me, actors, musicians, and reality T.V. stars are simply entertainers—generally very well paid ones. It's not like they're saving lives or risking their own to protect others or engaging in some other noble profession. I think they can stand in line just like us.

Well, maybe with some slight differences. For example, the actress who wanted an ice cream could have offered to pay for everyone's or she could have done a little song and dance number to keep people entertained while they waited. That would have been very thoughtful.

What do you think? Should celebrities get to cut to the front of long lines or should they have to wait like the rest of us?

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