Movie Mistakes, Cute Overload: Links I Love

Photo by NonnieJ

Happy Friday! To kick off this (hopefully) fun-filled weekend, here are some amusing links that I love:


We've been writing a lot about summer safety tips this week on Daily Buzz (stay tuned for even more next week!), but I thought I'd throw this in just for laughs: Summer Safety Tips: How to Avoid a Lion Attack. It's pretty funny. — McSweeney

Because sometimes you just need a mood lifter. — Cute Overload

Got a secret or want to read others' private thoughts? People anonymously write their confessions on a postcard and mail it in to be posted on the site or in an exhibit. — Post Secret

Even Hollywood messes up every now and then. — Movie Mistakes

Launched by funny guy Will Ferrell and writers Adam McKay (Talladega Nights) and Chris Henchy (Entourage), this comedy video website will keep you laughing. — Funny or Die


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