Will Ferrell Lost His Pee Pee

men vs wild will ferrell

Photo from Discovery

Any Will Ferrell fans out there? My hand is raised! I l love his sometimes goofy humor, his deadpan, loved him in Old School and Blades of Glory, and now he is starring in Men vs. Wild with Bear Grylls on Discovery.

Did you watch the premiere last night? Clip below!


I already love the show, Man vs. Wild. Bear gets dropped off in a remote and challenging location and uses his survival skills to get back to a meeting point. He has braved extreme temperatures, wild animals, creepy insects, and has had to do some really gross things to survive. Unless of course you think drinking your own pee isn't gross. Bleh!

Add Will Ferrell to the mix, dropped in the middle of nowhere in Sweden, and the show takes on a whole other feel. I got to know more about Bear, see how he helps another, and saw another side of Will -- survival mode. Of course Ferrell's humor is there. At one point, after trekking through 20 below temperatures, the father of two tries to relieve himself and said he lost his penis. Oh Will!

Did you watch Men vs. Wild? I want more episodes with Will!

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