Jon & Kate Episode Recap Plus Octo-mom Slams Kate

Man, this show and all the gossip that surounds it is addicting. Okay, so first, last night's episode recap from redrockswhtsox, group owner of the Jon and Kate Plus 8 Fans group:


Most of this double episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 was obviously filmed before the dramatic additions to last week's season opener. Jon and Kate were filmed on the couch together although there was a healthy space between them. In the first episode Kate is shown obviously bored at home with the kids on her birthday. She is suprised when a charter bus shows up to take them to Charm City Cakes. They are met at the door by Duff himself and Kate is presented with a birthday cake made just for her. The kids are then allowed to decorate thier own cakes with the help of the famous staff in another once in a lifetime experience for the family.

Meanwhile, Jon is back in Park City, Utah enjoying the freedom and annonymity snowboarding allows him. He also visited the National Ability Center, a service that allows the handicapped to rehab on the mountain and experience the slopes. He feels a closeness with this cause as it reminds him of his late Father's lifetime of work with handicapped children.

In the second episode Jon is back at home taking care of the other children while Kate takes Mady to San Diego. Her twin sister Cara got to hit the slopes with Jon earlier in the year. The girls are treated to shopping, beach time, spa treatments and lunch during the one day filming was allowed on the four day trip.

Back at home Jon puts the old swing set together on the new property and Cara gives each sibling a ride in one of their 12-volt cars.

Later they went on a walk in the woods. Poor Alexis tripped and bit through her lip buying herself some alone time with Dad in the form of a trip to the doctor and a decaffinated iced frappachino which made her the envy of her siblings.


  • Jon says he is a stay-at-home Dad and Kate is the "career woman" now but they have decided that one parent (and a helper) will be home with the kids. He feels this is hard on him because he is a guy and "we're not moms." But he says they alternate being home with the kids and he looks forward to getting to travel when Kate is home.
  • Kate responds to accusations that she is leaving her family in the dust to chase dollar signs. She says she is driven by a "desperate desire to provide for her kids."
  • Kate stresses the importance of spending time with the kids while they are young because "you only get so many years and then they're gone."

And if that wasn't enough drama for you, it appears that Kate might have a little rivalry on her horizon. Octo-mom Nadya Suleman slams Kate in an exclusive interview with RadarOnline. She accused of her being desperate for attention and over-emotional.

"She needs to stop being so judgmental and stop pulling at straws for attention," Suleman exclusively told RadarOnline.

Yikes! It's the debate between the moms of eight!

What are your thoughts on the episode? What do you think about Suleman's comments towards Kate?


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