Free Pass for Affair? Who is Your Pick?

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin gave each other a free pass for one affair in their marriage. If you were on an island and your DH gave you a pass, for a one night only affair...who would you pick? Celebrities only, please! We're in La-La Fairytale Land, after all!


Fess up. You know you have a secret celebrity pick for your kitchen pass! Okay, I'll start. Mark Wahlberg is my pick. Marky Mark is smokin' hot, if you ask me. If Mark was shooting a movie, I have some other dudes on my list. But I will only tell if you give me some of your picks. Spill it, ladies.

Update: Excellent choices ladies! Here are a few of my other faves besides Marky Mark. Bono. Christian Bale. Ed Burns. Johnny Depp. Matt Damon. Viggo (but only in his LOTR character).

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