Jon and Kate Divorce Rumors ... Again

Jon & Kate Plus 8

Is the latest divorce rumor really true?

Photo by TLC

Less than a week after the Season 5 premiere in which a very sullen Jon Gosselin says that he and wife Kate are "going through a lot of stuff," come rumors that the parents of sextuplets and twins are officially separating.

Take this with a grain of salt, of course -- it comes from the National Enquirer. Since you're going to hear about it anyway, we figured it might as well be here.

We're asking our sources at TLC if there's any truth to the rumor and are waiting to hear back -- we'll let you know what they say.

Meantime, according to the tabloid:

  • Jon said their goal is to be legally separated by July 15 because Kate wants to move on quickly.
  • Jon is going to push for half of their money, but Kate is determined to hang on to as much as she can.
  • Sources say the couple's fortune amounts to $10 million.

Have you ever known the tabloids to be correct about anything before? It wouldn't be unheard of that the rumor is true. How do you react to stories like these?

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