Jon & Kate Poll, Online Quizzes: Links I Love


Photo by JayGirlsMom

I love online polls, quizzes, basically anything that assists in procrastination! Here are a few sites that I enjoyed wasting spending time on:


The current hot topic among reality TV, the Gosselins. Take the poll "Should Kate Gosselin Leave Jon?" — Momversation

Participate or vote in a CafeMom Showdown and see who has the hottest hubby or best dressed baby. — CafeMom

Vote which girls' and boys' names you like best. — Lil Sugar

Fun, pointless quizzes like "Which Disney princess are you?". — Brainfall

Parenting polls such as "How often do your kids get junk food?" keeps me clickin'. — Babble

What are some sites you check out in your free time (however rare that may be!)?

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