Sick of Madonna Divorce Gossip? Me Too!

Photo by: Gabriela Maj/Getty

Sick of the Guy-Madonna D-I-V-O-R-C-E gossip? There's plenty of stuff to talk about that doesn't involve Madge! Come sit next to me. Elisabeth Hasselbeck wears her McCain-Palin tee for all to see on The View!


You'll be relieved to know that Brit-Brit is officially not a criminal!

Kim Kardashian turns a hospital. Happy Birthday?

Cafe MicheleZ's having a showdown over at Beauty and Style Buzz! Kate Hudson or Liv Tyler? Me? I'm a Liv girl.

Weigh in on Imogine's rockin' discussion on Celebrities Adopting Third World Babies.

New Saw movie? Anyone? iloveyall2008 likes the Saw flicks from behind her hands, just like me!

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