Jon & Kate Plus 8 Season 5 Premiere

The wait is finally over! Jon & Kate Plus 8 Season Five premiered last night and the Jon and Kate Plus 8 Fans group owner, redrockswhtsox, gives us the scoop of what went down:


The overall theme of the show was the tups' 5th birthday. There was the trip to Party City for supplies and then the party itself. Mixed in throughout the show was lots of couch time with J&K separately. At the end J&K were together on the couch for a very short segment with a lot of space between them and a lot of body language! There was a very depressing tone to the whole thing and most of the talk pointed toward J&K giving up on each other but doing what is best for the kids. Kate was tearful and having difficulty explaining everything stating it was "complicated." Jon was more nonchalant and basically said it's their business.

It seemed apparent that Jon doesn't live in the house full-time. There was no mention made about where he stays when Kate is home.   


  • Jon admits they are not where they were when they started the show. He said it started out as a chronicle for the kids but has now "become a business." He says he's worked all his life and while he likes being able to stay home he feels this life was chosen for him and the grass isn't greener!
  • Kate claims she is home every minute she isn't out doing work but admitted she's been called by the babysitter's name accidentally by the kids. Still she insists she has happy, healthy kids who know they are safe and loved.
  • Kate was on her own at the Party store and for the entire party preparation process. It's unclear exactly where Jon was for all this and why he wasn't there but Kate made it clear she wasn't happy about it. She was overwhelmed but the twins were very helpful and she kept her cool despite her obvious exhaustion.
  • Jon showed up to the party alone in his new car grumbling that he had been sent back to the house multiple times to retrieve forgotten items. He did everything Kate asked him to do during the party but the body language between them was very sad to see. During a loving moment between Jon and Alexis, she told him she didn't want him to leave anymore. He said "Daddy has to do work sometimes."
  • Kate admitted to not treating Jon very well over the course of their marriage but doesn't feel she drove Jon to make the choices that he has made. She quoted a statistic claiming marriages of couples with multiples are three times more likely to end in divorce. She stated that she knew about this statistic from the start but never imagined it would ever apply to them.
  • Jon continues to deny that he cheated on his wife.

Did you watch the premiere? What did you think?

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