Rockstars Talking Politics During Concerts: Whadda'ya Think?




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My friend Seamus is from Ireland and he hates the band U2. I know. I was shocked when he told me. How could anyone from Ireland hate its most famous band? Does he hate the music? No. Does he hate the guys in the band? No. Does he disagree with their politics? Nope.

He does, however, strongly believe that entertainers shouldn't be preaching while they're entertaining. He objects to the fact that if you go to a U2 concert, you have to listen to Bono talk about world hunger or the environment or war between songs. It's not that Seamus doesn't think those are important topics, it's just that he thinks a rock concert is not the time or the place to discuss them.

"Imagine you're watching a Julia Roberts movie and all of a sudden she looks at the camera, gets out of character, and starts making a political statement," says Seamus. "It's the same thing. I don't think celebrities should be preaching to you when they're performing—especially when you're paying for it."

What do you think? Should musicians and celebrities be talking politics when we're paying them to entertain us?





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etsmom etsmom

I agree here that if you have an entertaining spotlight you should keep your opinions to your self when it comes to politics and ethical issues.  You aren't paying for a rally when you are buying tickets.  You are paying for the entertainment they are bringing to you.  If they want to speak their minds about what they think is right/wrong or politically correct/incorrect they can do it at a different forum where the people know what they are there for.  I would be a little miffed if I payed $125.00 to see some performer play their songs only to have to listen to to someones opinions about housing issues in norther California or how it's unethical to eat meat when there are so many plant based proteins available.  I guess I don't want to pay for someones opinions when they can give them freely at the appropriate times.  JMO, sorry.

CSRod... CSRodriguez

Well anyone that doesn't like   U2    is and  @@@@  JK     no seriously      

I  think it is great  that entertainers have substance and  issues to  fight for      They are people with brains and hearts   hopefully  

ethan... ethans_momma06

Nope, I hate it. Save the political lauding, promoting, and dissention for when you are on your own time.

I hate it when actors get interviewed for their political standpoint and I think the same goes for musicians.

Do they know something more then I do because more people recognize them and people are providing a soapbox for them to spew it from? Nope.

kim57 kim57

It is not their concert it is for the people PAYING to see them PERFORM!!!!!  No way, no how and hell no to hearing their Politics.  If I want to hear about Politics I will go to a political rally.  I go to concerts to get AWAY from politics and to relax and not worry about the worlds problems at least for an hour or two.   I am paying them good money to provide that to me. 

Darth... DarthMom001

Hey, if I just paid you $250 to see you play, why don't you take some of that  money and give it to the hungry and shut up about it? These celebrities make more money in a year than I will in my life. So why are they asking me to give my money when they could just make it easy and give theirs? Because they're attention hounds.

navyma23 navyma23

I really think they should just shut up and play music. They have a right to their opinion, but don't ruin my mood when I pay $40-60 a ticket to talk about politics, if I wanted to hear that I would turn on CNN.

Anna924 Anna924

It's not a matter of "rights". It's just rude to charge a high price promising to put on a show and then start preaching at people.  Even if I agree with their politics, that isn't why I purchased a ticket and I feel cheated. If they want to use it as a forum to talk about politics, then they shouldn't charge for their concerts.

RanaA... RanaAurora

They still perform - it's not like they lure you in with promises of music and instead just talk the whole time.  Part of the point of seeing a concert is to see the PERSON, not just hear their music.  Rock stars are people too, with opinions, passions, and a platform.  If all you care about is the music, listen to your Ipod.

LeslieSS LeslieSS

I think a little bit is ok, but to go on and Its better than listening to them talk about how messed up they get after shows, thats annoying.

coutt... coutterhill

Muscians and actors are musicans and actors, they are not politicians. They should stick to entertaining. Why should we listen to them anyway? They can say what they want, but it is irritating. I paid to listen to music, not a political rant.

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