Rockstars Talking Politics During Concerts: Whadda'ya Think?




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My friend Seamus is from Ireland and he hates the band U2. I know. I was shocked when he told me. How could anyone from Ireland hate its most famous band? Does he hate the music? No. Does he hate the guys in the band? No. Does he disagree with their politics? Nope.

He does, however, strongly believe that entertainers shouldn't be preaching while they're entertaining. He objects to the fact that if you go to a U2 concert, you have to listen to Bono talk about world hunger or the environment or war between songs. It's not that Seamus doesn't think those are important topics, it's just that he thinks a rock concert is not the time or the place to discuss them.

"Imagine you're watching a Julia Roberts movie and all of a sudden she looks at the camera, gets out of character, and starts making a political statement," says Seamus. "It's the same thing. I don't think celebrities should be preaching to you when they're performing—especially when you're paying for it."

What do you think? Should musicians and celebrities be talking politics when we're paying them to entertain us?





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defia... defiantpromises


Certain bands have made a name for themselves BECAUSE of some political messages - Rage Against the Machine or System of a Down, anyone?
I think that they have every right to make political statements if they so choose - if it loses them fans, I highly doubt they care.  If you don't like it, take a bathroom break while they're talking.

RanaAurora May. 23, 2009 at 3:38 PM*

I agree Rana- Rage and SOAD did make alot of their platforms bringing awareness to these situations, other rock bands have brought attention to others as well. Such as Korn- in their early years and albums some of their stuff pertained to drug addiction and coming clean as well as sexual abuse and the leftover effects! Excellent sh*t!!

Rock Stars are people to! They have been through alot of things just as all of us, and they (unlike alot of us) have that opportunity to bring it to light!  More power to them!!!! (But I will admit I DO NOT like U2!! LOL but dh does!)

Lindalu2 Lindalu2

Freedom of speech.....its still in effect,right? I love U2.

richg... richgirljj

shut up and sing...

Scorp... Scorpio359

You paid to listen to them sing not run their mouths. They need to sticlk to music at a concert they can always go out and talk politics.

Celti... CelticFaerie

If you buy tickets to a U2 concert, You know what they stand for. Realizing the fact that you will be exposed to a speech about environment and world health issues if you attend one. Either that are you have been living under a rock. If you do not want to hear it stay away. Download their music instead.

If more celebrities cared about issues other than lining their pocketbooks we may have more awareness in the world. No simple minded people rather gossip about Jon and Kate, Worry about who the latest Dancing of the Stars champion is and who is dating whom in the entertainment world.

You have to have a heart , be educated in matters outside the TV and your neighborhood, To want to make a difference in the world. I belong to Bono's charity organization I say if you have a voice, a platform and an audience use it !  Better the lives of others instead of your own selfish agenda. I love U2! For their music and their humanitarian work.

Your friend probably doesn't like them because they focus their charities outside Ireland and the UK.

Janua... JanuaryRayne

I would get a big group of us and boo his ass.  If I want to hear about politics I would tune into CNN. 

OneTo... OneToughMami

Um....anyone who is a U2 fan KNOWS EXACTLY what they stand for and KNOWS they will use the stage to rally people behind the cause. Don't buy the tickets if you don't want to hear them talking about what they stand for. Anyone who has lived since the 80s knows Bono is very outspoken on world causes.

rio_burb rio_burb

I don't agree that PEOPLE have a right to say whatever they want when I'm paying a lot of money to see them PERFORM!  I think they could speak their mind in another environment, such as a political rally - etc.,and not when they are doing their JOB.  I don't speak my political views at work.

Kersten Kersten

if you don't wanna hear their stuff- don't go to their concerts!  simple as that!  why do we think we have the right to control what they say in their shows?  good grief

briar... briarraindancer

I'm actually torn on this. Of course they have the right to say whatever they want to onstage. But that doesn't always mean that they should.

For me, it's not about U2 abusing their celebrity status, although that's part of it. Instead it's about them abusing, well, the fans. I'm getting the subtext.

"Hey, you there, fanboy! Yes, I'm talking to you. Now, I know you paid about two hundred pounds for that seat right there, and you just want to hear me sing 'Where the Streets have no Name,' because, well, it is an awesome song. I should know. But before we do that, could I just mention that you're killing the planet?'

Because, really, chastising the people who have made you famous is a good idea.

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