Kindle: Do You Have One?

Photo from Amazon

I used to see people reading books on the subways, now I see them with this little Kindle device.


What is a Kindle exactly? Developed by, it's a device used for reading electronic books. You download (takes about 60 seconds) and read stories straight from the device. You can store over 1,500 books, basically having your very own library in your pocket. Prices for the books are usually around $10 (depending on titles) and the device itself costs $359.

I admit I haven't tried it out yet, I'm still clinging to the good ol' fashioned hardback, but a lot of CafeMoms have and their only complaint is not being able to read it in the tub!

Busimommi says: I have one and I absolutely love it. I was skeptical at first, but after I got started, I didn't even notice the difference between it and the paperback, with the exception that I could always hold the kindle with one hand while holding a cup of tea/cookie with the other, and still turn the page. I've gotten one for my mother who has difficulty with reading due to the small print size, and not all books are printed in large type. With the kindle, she just has to increase the font size. It has a long battery life, short charge time, and small enough that I can carry it in my purse.

The only downside-- it is an electronic device. I haven't gotten the guts to read it in the bathtub yet, mainly because if I drop it, I'd be afraid it would drown. The only improvement I would request is a waterproof version.

Imharper says: I just got mine a few days ago and LOVE it!!! I love to reread books and this allows me to take my entire "library" with me. Also, where I live bookstores are 45min-1 hour away so being able to instantly download them without having to have a computer is very convenient. I think I will miss reading in the tub though. Not like I got to do that all that often anyway....but still...

Have you tried the Kindle yet? What's your opinion of it?

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