Facebook Profiles: Do You Use Photos of Your Kids Instead of Yourself?

A writer for Double X went off last week about how she hates it when women "use photographs of their children instead of themselves as their main picture on their Facebook profile." Let's just say it sparked QUITE the debate among readers...


I hate to paraphrase such an eloquently written—albeit entirely contentious—essay, but for the sake of time the basic gist is this:

The writer asks why, when women have so many achievements in addition to their children (work, book clubs, volunteering, etc.) they choose to represent themselves with images of their kids. She compares this trend of using kids' photos to women talking about their kids all the time, and wonders if these are signs that women—by focusing so much on their kids—are losing their own identities. The writer wonders if women think they are invisible: "Here is my pretty family...I don't matter any more."

Yikes! This is pretty harsh criticism aimed against moms, many of who probably just want to show their friends their beautiful children. Still, it seems to have struck a nerve with readers as you can see from the stream of comments agreeing and disagreeing with the writer.

I thought CafeMoms might want to weigh in on this because so many of us put up photos of our family members instead of ourselves. Once I even put a photo up of my dog—I'm scared to think what this writer would have to say about that!

What do you think? Is using photos of our children as our profile pics completely harmless, or is there some truth to this writer's criticism? Why don't we use photos of ourselves?

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