Paparazzi Checks Brooke Shield's Mother Out of Nursing Home


Brooke Shields

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty

Tabloids have without a doubt gone too far this time. A journalist from the National Enquirer, was seeking a story and actually checked Teri Shields, mother of actress/model Brooke Shields, out of her New Jersey nursing home!


Teri, 75, who suffers dementia, was later found, unharmed at a nearby restaurant.

First off, the nursing home personnel should have made the reporters provide more proof than the simple claim of being her friends. Her visitation regulations are currently under investigation to see if there was some sort of verbal or written permission that would allow someone outside family member to these types of outside visitation.

Secondly, it outrages me that someone would take advantage of someone in that state, just to get a story. Though the journalist claimed to be her friend, he had a photographer there, which clearly (in my opinion) meant there were ulterior motives.

Brooke told People magazine, "I intend to take every lawful action against all who were involved or who authorized this despicable act."

Do you think the journalist was in the wrong or do you think it's the nursing home's fault for allowing it? Or, do you think the visitation permissions may not have been specific enough?


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