Cynthia Nixon Engaged to Longtime Girlfriend

cynthia nixon

Photo by: Stephen Shugerman

Celebrity magazines and blogs are buzzing this morning about how Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon has announced her engagement to girlfriend Christine Marinoni.


The actor and mom (to Samantha, 12, and Charles, 6) made the announcement Sunday at a rally supporting same-sex marriage in New York. She has said that she will marry "if it becomes legal in New York."

A couple years ago Nixon reported that she had been stunned by the media storm that gathered when she confirmed that she was dating Christine after breaking up with her boyfriend, Danny Mozes. My opinion? I love Cynthia Nixon and am happy for her. But I think anything that takes away from news about Sex and the City movies and her other work is annoying. 

Are you sick of reading about Nixon's relationships—or any other actors' relationships for that matter—or do you find it interesting?

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